Youth Mentorship Programme

WINBarclays and Shine Development Concept CIC are partnering up for the 2023 Youth Mentorship Programme

The aim of the Mentorship Programme is to connect young people from BAME communities to friendly professional mentors from WINBarclays who are committed to providing development support to them through mentorship.

It provides a unique opportunity of informal mentoring sessions with experienced professionals who take time to listen and understand their mentees. Mentors will advise and guide young people in the path to achieve their career goals and to improve their employability skills.

The mentoring programme will run virtually for 30 minutes lasting 6 weeks. With mentee’s being awarded a certificate of participation.

The next cohort starts:

Monday 13 March 2023

Registration is open and closes Tuesday 7th of March 2023

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On the 7th of August 2021, 7 volunteers walked from Northampton to Wellingborough to raise awareness and funds to support NRPF people. NRPF means No Recourse to Public Funds (no legal right to welfare benefits). The Team were able to raise £605 which went towards making provisions for Afro-Caribbean food items for BAME food banks users


Every Monday and Thursday 12noon – 3pm at 38 – 40 Kettering Road
 (New Covenant Church building) Northampton NN1 4AH.

The Food bank provides items for Afro-Caribbean users-please ask if required  

Terms and Conditions:

  • First time users must show a photo id
  • Food bank users must bring their own bags
  • Food bank users can only come once every 7 days
  • The Food banks has a zero tolerance for verbal and physical abuse towards users, volunteers and staff


We understand various circumstances hinder people’s mobility, it could be due to health issues , shortage or lack of fund, restricted or monitored movement, childcare issues etc. Whatever it is, we run a doorstep delivery of tinned food and toiletries Monday to Friday


Job connect

We are not just able to provide you with free food items & your daily necessities. We are also able to connect you with local employers in Northampton who have job vacancies. Don’t wait a minute longer, contact us today.

Email us on

Pastures Winter Night Shelter

This project is a joint effort of Shine Development Concept CIC and New Covenant Church Northampton. Pasture Night Shelter is an extension of the love of Jesus to the homeless and rough sleepers in Northampton who sleep on the streets during winter. The shelter provides a high quality, warm and safe space to the homeless in Northampton where they can come for a good meal, get their laundry and personal hygiene sorted out and get a good night sleep. We accommodate 10 people every night both male and female. We welcome more passionate people to join our team of volunteers who support the homeless and treat them with dignity & respect at the Night Shelter. For any enquries please email us at


We are always happy to help people who want to help their community through social action/enterprise. We offer strategic support services to individuals or organisations who want to start or grow their social enterprise. We have qualified social enterprise mentors who are happy to be of help.


Voluntary Work Opportunities

We offer young people from Sixth form to University students voluntary work opportunities ranging from one month period to a year. This always improves their workplace skills and increases their chance of employability. It also helps them have a good idea of how to run their own business. Whatever their reason for voluntary work may be, we are here to meet such.

Grant Application Support for Single mothers

Are you unmarried/widowed/divorced woman above the age of 40 and a Christian? Are you working part time or out-of-work with no access to welfare benefits? Then you don’t have to be bothered about your financial burdens. Contact us because we are able to help you apply for a free financial grant.

Arise Afrik

‘Arise Afrik’ aims to make quality early years education available in deprived core villages of Nigeria at a low cost.
We are presently working on the pilot project with a team of UK volunteers who will teach and also train teachers on international standard & best practise in the school.